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                                              ACTION ALERT:

Adopt a library in Cuba!

The Friends of Cuban Libraries are asking libraries, organizations and individuals all over the world to sponsor an independent library in Cuba. Please join this effort to provide moral and material support for the Cuban citizens who are making history through their innovative challenge to a national system of censorship.

Cuba's independent libraries are similar to public libraries in other countries in the sense that they hold books, videos and other materials covering a wide range of topics.

But some of the libraries specialize in areas such as labor studies, women's studies, religion, ecology, children's literature, social studies, agriculture, etc.

Please contact us for details as to how you, your library or organization can take part in this exciting project and informally "adopt" one of Cuba's independent libraries by providing moral or material support to the brave Cuban citizens who are challenging censorship in an historic and innovative manner.

For details, e-mail us at: rkent20551@cs.com

Telephone: (US) 718-305-9201

Mailing address:

c/o Robert Kent
474 48th Avenue, #3-C
Long Island City, NY 11109